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kaleera designs

India is country where any wedding incomplete without customs, rituals, and traditions. Though it  is from various culture , however every Indian Wedding have their own significance traditions and ceremonies. kaleera adornments are an integral part of the overall bridal look. Specially, kaleera takes major place in Punjabi bride’s trousseau. We’ll try to give you best kaleera designs. Brides nowadays are going for a wide range of varieties and one of a kind structures with regards to these pretty Indian Wedding Accessories. They are going for decorated kaleeras, ones with pom-poms and also floral kaleeras. In fact, this immortal and customary accessories has developed into a pattern, and brides are presently adding shining appeal to their wedding look with the most novel kaleera designs. 

Among the sweet and unforgettable memories of Punjabi Wedding, one ritual that holds a special position is chooda ceremony. In addition, It is one of the most auspicious ceremonies in Punjabi weddings. Despite the fact, kaleeras are part of Punjabi bride’s trousseau. Women are currently picking  these exquisite accessories to adorn their wedding look that are generally worn alongside a chooda. Mostly bride’s sister or friends tie these beautiful kaleeras on bride’s wrist.

 Chooda Ceremony

Traditionally , a set of 21 bangles in red or maroon and white is selected for this ceremony by bride’s maternal uncle and aunt. They gift the chooda during this ceremony! Firstly , bangles are purified with milk and rose-petals. Before it is put on bride’s wrist by her maternal uncle , all the relatives touch the chooda as their blessings! After that wrist is covered with white cloth, in intense that bride cannot see chooda till wedding ceremonies. Chooda is important part of Punjabi bride’s solah singar. This ornament is one of the most evident mark of a new bride. Also red is very important color for married woman as its belief of strengthening the bond between a couple! 

Fertility and prosperity are two words that easily associate with chooda. Which bride wears for a minimum period of time of 40-45 days after the wedding day. Chooda is Punjabi ritual but the same can vary in names for different cultures around the country! Nowadays brides have started opting for a different color of bangles as well , like pink, orange and peach. The color of bangles is totally depends on bride’s personal choice.

Top cosmetic brands in India

These days Kaleera come to different designs and you can pick your own. There are a few brands additionally in the market that modify a kaleera as you need, as much religious as you need to make. So what kaleerein designs you need to decide for your wedding with which you need to pour endowments all over? Here are every designs which we have picked from the caverns of web!



Traditional Kalash Kaleeras

coconut kaleeras

The kaleeras at the top look like half coconuts and the smaller beads represent the smaller nuts.


Palki Style Kaleeras

palki kaleeras

After seeing these Kaleeras , you’ll not get your eyes off from it.


Combination of Ghungroo & pom-poms

unique kaleeras

pom-poms kaleeras

Looking to include rhythm and a delightful tune in your wedding gathering, including ghungroo kaleeras is out. The sweet and fresh solid of ghungroo will appeal everybody as you stroll down the passageway with these kaleeras in your hand. Strolling around the wedding venue guaranteeing your presence with the sweet sound can be enjoyable.


Traditional Over sized Golden kaleeras

traditional kaleeras

traditional kaleeras

Because more is more!  If you love kaleeras, flaunt these golden ones with multi-strands. These designs are also looks pretty. These Kaleeras with long and multi strands are just amazing. Mostly these type of kaleeras have many golden accessories. Such unique kaleeras ending with a bunch of leaves and hearts!


Elegant Floral Kaleeras

floral kaleeras

floral kaleeras

The pattern of Floral Kaleera is in for a long time, yet it is just now that these blossoming kaleeras are making the most clamor. A great deal of brides are discarding customary kaleeras for these marvelous flower kaleeras that look SO PRETTY as well as make them stand separated from the others. We became hopelessly enamored with these the moment we saw them!


Pearl Strand Kaleeras

pearl kaleeras

pearl kaleeras

Directly from adornments and garments to even stylistic decor, the utilization of pearls in Indian weddings is more various and broad than any other time in recent memory. These tiny pearls have cleared their way to the originator Kaleeras as well. Also, trust me, Kaleeras with pearls is a standout amongst the most conspicuous and promising patterns at this moment.



Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs

Thread Wrapped Kaleeras

thread kaleeras

Numerous brides love the nearness of glinting threads in their wedding trousseau. It’s simplicity and superbness accumulates numerous eyeballs. It effectively turns into a character of the new bride. These Kaleeras are really eye catching.


Kaleeras with Stone

stone kaleeras

stone kaleeras

Anything that sparkles and is brimming with class is the ideal fit for a bride. The stone kaleeras bestow a perfect and illustrious look to the bride.


Graceful & Simple Silver Kaleeras

silver kaleera

silver kaleera

Silver Kaleeras are literally looks amazing. It gives different looks from regular golden kaleeras. Silver kaleeras are look best when , if bride’s apparels’s color are pink or red. Silver color mix up with pink and white. And that combination really looks elegant.


Beautiful Kaleeras with Bird Motifs

bird motif kaleera

bird motif kaleeras

Kaleeras with bird motifs looks very eye catchy and unique. If you’re look for unique and really pretty kaleeras you can go with these.


Pretty chandelier Style Kaleera



Decorated ceiling fixture kaleeras are one of these lovely accessories that worth purchasing. To supplement your bridal clothing with royal accessories, your wedding look must have the present of these kaleeras. These Kaleeras really looks gorgeous.


Minimal Kaleeras

minimal kaleeras

minimal kaleeras

These simple and amazing kaleeras are subtle addition to your jewels. These Kaleera designs are suitable for those brides who are really not interested in wearing heavy jewelries.


In conclusion, Own these trendy kaleeras, flaunt them at your wedding and make your guests drool over you.

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